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Bradley A. Pfanner – Owner, Investigator

Bradley has quickly become one of the top surveillance investigator choices in the State of California, due to his use of the latest tools and technology, along with his tenacity and ability to get the “close shot”. It takes a special kind of confidence to be one of the elite surveillance investigators, willing to get up close and personal with the subject.

Surveillance is an extremely useful practice regarding various types of insurance fraud, domestic investigations, residency verification investigations, workplace investigations, and Workers’ Compensation investigations, yet it is not limited to these examples. Although insurance fraud has been a large portion of our case work, we like to focus most of our attention to family law cases, including spousal support and child support matters.

Surveillance investigations generally involve an individual who is believed to be doing things other than what he or she states to his or her employer, insurance company, or family. Surveillance is also widely used in risk management for security purposes and to combat recurring theft. Surveillance is a specialty of Brad Alan Investigations. For any and all of your surveillance needs, contact us today.

View our surveillance demo video below, showing the video quality from a few of our investigations.

Cheating and Infidelity Investigations / Surveillance can be very beneficial to one who suspects their husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, or partner of cheating or being unfaithful? We understand that even the thought can be painful. Private Investigators can be hired to help you seek the answers you need for peace of mind or closure. We are also often even able to find that facts to reassure clients that their significant others are remaining faithful. But, we understand that one’s intuition can be a powerful tool and should not be underestimated. If your husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, or partner are coming home at late hours, taking suspicious business trips, or spending an unreasonable amount of time on the computer at night, and you suspect them of cheating, contact us today, so that we may assist you in seeking the answers you deserve.

Workplace investigations are also a type of investigation that can benefit greatly from hiring a surveillance investigator. Several issues arise from within the workplace and their recurrence can be prevented, when workplace investigations are conducted. These issues include, but are not limited to, sexual harassment, theft of goods, drug trafficking, FMLA fraud, embezzlement, etc. You may even simply wish to get an idea of how your supervisors and trainers are treating your employees. To begin your workplace investigation, contact us today.

Residency verification requests are growing by the day. There are several different reasons a person or persons may be less than truthful about where they have established residence. A common reason a family may claim a residence, other than their own, is to allow their child or children to attend the school district, of their choice. We all know someone who has done this. This can create various different problems in today’s growing classrooms. One may also be attempting receive alimony, in divorce cases, by claiming not to cohabitate with their current significant other. These are two prime examples, along with several others, of situations where a residency verification investigation would be beneficial to a client. If you feel someone is being less than truthful about their residence, for personal gain at your expense, contact us today.

GPS tracking can be extremely valuable when conducting workplace investigations, attempting to catch a cheating spouse, or simply wanting to know what your teenager is up to. Trackers can be placed on company vehicles to ensure that employees aren’t taking the vehicles to unauthorized locations. They can be placed on your family vehicle when you suspect that your husband or wife may be having an affair, or to make sure your son or daughter are going where they say they are going, when they are “staying at friends’ houses”. The devices can also be hidden in backpacks and travel bags Though, it should be made very aware that in the State of California, there are very strict laws regarding the use of GPS tracking devices. To learn more about GPS tracking, or to find out if you legally qualify for it’s use, contact us today.

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